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When three-inch-tall human beings from another planet invite Timmy, a bullied 11-year old action figure fanatic, to help them fight evil robots, Timmy goes to war until he realizes he’s fighting for the wrong side.

Eleven-year-old TIMMY dreams of being a superhero, but in reality he gets bullied and is the laughingstock of the entire school. But everything changes when three-inch-tall human beings from another planet invite Timmy to come along and help them fight evil robots. Timmy travels through a traversable wormhole and arrives at the miniature planet “Phi” where his size makes him an instant PACIFIC RIM GIANT. In the new world, Timmy gets his own steel armored, bad-ass superhero suit, and goes to war against thousands of miniature humanoid robots who threaten the city. During a rampage of destruction, Timmy is confronted by a two-inch-tall android that bravely fights him with a cardboard sword. The android turns out to be eleven-year-old CLARISSA who also fantasizes about being a superhero. She manages to convince Timmy that he’s fighting for the wrong side and gets him to reverse his action and fight against the dictator who recruited him in the first place. Timmy is celebrated as a freedom fighter throughout the planet Phi and travels back to Earth where he, with new-found confidence, runs for class president. Through a compelling speech, Timmy not only wins the election, but also manages to inspire the meanest bully to become a protector of the weak.

Submitted: May 22, 2018
Last Updated: May 22, 2018

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The Writer: Mike Boss

Mike Boss moved from Switzerland to Los Angeles in 1995 in order to work in the film industry. Since then Mike has acquired knowledge and experience in acting, writing, producing and directing. Together with his wife and a third partner, Mike co-founded a production company, Nail Driver Productions (NDP), with a clear vision, purpose and integrity. NDP strives to create compelling and thought-provoking feature films that take the audience on an emotional and intellectual journey to be entertained, moved, inspired and changed with a degree of enlightenment. The team is united by the viewpoint that consciousness-raising films that entertain and promote good values can play a larger and more... Go to bio
Manager: Canton Literary Management - Eric Canton

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