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Christmas with Joel by Doug Robbins
What's on the menu? I don't want to Spend Christmas alone. Come home with me then. Okay.
Short Romance For sale 11pp
The Deadly Bushi Season 1 Episode 1 by J. Lee
When a Japanese lord becomes ill, the prince finds the true burden of the throne when he is forced to make a choice between duty and friendship.
Episode Animation, History, War For sale 19pp
Of Pisco and Peru by Doug Tesch
The Curse of Lono meets Tristes Tropiques
Short Action, Animation, Comedy, History For sale 6pp
Subway Bloody Subway by Alex Laforest
An uncivil and unsettling morning commute.
Short Action, Crime, Horror For sale 5pp
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Nineteen by Rachel Brewer
A simple writing assignment uncovers long hidden secrets and reveals the horror in the history of a sleepy-town Inn.
Feature Horror, Mystery, Thriller For sale 88pp
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On The Nut by Andrea Vestrand
“On the Nut” is an aggressive, character-driven, 1 hour Action-Drama about Las Vegas Cab Drivers hustling in the gritty underbelly of the city, using every scam they can to fill their pockets.
TV Pilot Action, Drama For sale 57pp
Katherine Irbs by Philip E. Odiete
After her 6 years old daughter is kidnapped for her skills - A former Federal Agent, Katherine Irbs is compelled to work for a terrorist group of Russian mob against her country.
Feature Action, Crime, Thriller For sale 110pp
The Ouija Board Killer by Dale Gillespie
The ouija is out to get you!
Short Horror For sale 5pp
A New Sense Of Normal by Curt Dennis
Two people wake up in a room and must take a series of pills that remove their senses one by one or their loved once will face deadly consequences.
Feature Horror, Thriller For sale 93pp
Harold Godwinson by Shara Maude
King Harold II of England must face off against the deadliest of enemies, Duke William of Normandy. At Hasting, Harold must destroy William, or die trying.
Feature Biography, Drama, History, War For sale 82pp
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Points Of View by Thorsten Loos
The life of a young man changes immediately when he turns from a perpetrator into a victim.
Short Crime, Drama For sale 11pp
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Food Prison by Richard Buzzell
A man gets into a dispute with his food-dispensing robot and ends up committing a food crime.
Short Comedy, Drama For sale 7pp
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Quicksand by Kevin Pacey
Diagnosed with cancer and angry at the world, an embittered woman refuses to play victim and discovers a new lust for life.
Short Drama Available for Free 8pp
The Scarlet Slasher by Daniel Viglietti
"How far will one go for love?"
Feature Horror For sale 121pp
Little Sheep by Steve Garry
A young fighter leads his fellow child soldiers on a campaign to liberate vulnerable people across their war-ravaged African country.
Feature Action, Adventure, Drama, War For sale 118pp
Expedition to Svalbard by Steve Garry
A journalist accompanies an international team of biologists to explore the permafrost for genetic remnants of a deadly disease of the Middle Ages, and they are completely unprepared for what they unearth.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 103pp
The Terrible Nephews by Anthony Seger
Dax and Huck pass off their late Aunt's "female history" novel as their own to save their house.
Feature Comedy, Family For sale 51pp
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Malum by Mark D. Clark
A series of terrifying events happen to a family when an unfaithful husband buys a haunted pendant necklace from an overseas street vendor and returns home to the states.
Feature Horror For sale 74pp
Game of Kings - Episode 7 Telling Tales by DIANE CAVANAUGH
When the worlds of high finance and high goal polo collide a man of high morals must come to terms with the world that he lives in.
Episode Drama For sale 42pp
Cannibal Cruise Line by Jaymes Baker
A new luxury liner has emerged for the 1%, and the food is to die for.
Short Horror, Thriller Available for Free 46pp
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Capture The Flag by Tom Deaver
In early 2000s, a band of mercenaries cross the worlds most dangerous border for one of the worlds largest flags in a tale of hero and anti hero.
Feature Action, Adventure, Drama, War For sale 124pp
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Captured Escape by Jurij Fedorov
A woman refuses to leave her apartment. Her new psychologist seems stuck but she has a son with his own crazy ideas about freedom.
Short Crime Available for Free 13pp
Between Floors by Bradford N. Smith
An earthquake traps six strangers in the middle of a murder mystery fraught with disaster when their elevator is wedged between two floors.
Feature Thriller For sale 75pp
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Hemlock by Dave Miller
A historical epic TV series of the Pelopponesian War, as seen through the eyes of Socrates and his troublesome friend, Alcibiades.
TV Pilot Drama, History For sale 56pp
Lucky Kid by Brett Martin
A boy steals his father's bike and goes for a joyride.
Short Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 13pp