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Supercash:The Crime Buster by Enrique mayers
A twenty-year-old man has to go against corrupt politicians who have imprisoned his father for over a decade as they hope to take control of his powerful company.
Feature Comedy For sale 104pp
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How to kill a Snowman... by Johan Paul de Vrijer
A smart young boy has to protect his loved ones from the monster he made: a snowman.
Short Adventure, Comedy, Horror For sale 17pp
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A single gay man finds love, with help from an old-fashioned source - his Father.
Short Action, Romance Available for Free 6pp
Panic in the Street by Steve Garry
A detective realizes that the escalating violence that plagues his city is part of a dark competition by teenage misfits.
Feature Crime, Thriller For sale 109pp
Ana Marie's Inn? by Kyle Williamson
A senior trip to Romania where a guy sees himself in a very old picture with a beautiful girl from centuries passed.
Feature Thriller For sale 200pp
Belief by John Daly
A Mystical Man is born of a miracle birth and grows up on a mission to bring peace through world leaders
Feature Drama, Fantasy, Mystery For sale 90pp
Dread by Matthew Corry
A man, being treated for crippling O.C.D, struggles with the feeling that something terrible will happen if he doesn't perform his rituals.
Short Horror, Thriller For sale 15pp
The Homeless Crusaders by Hank Biro
Using a weapon bestowed upon him by a shamed doctor, a homeless man conquers his country.​ A dead body sees through its mind’s eye a war fought with lasers involving billions, and Canada’s ministerial election.
Feature Sci-Fi For sale 69pp
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Decision Point by Scott Nelson
Prejudged by society, the owner of a sleazy motel races to stop a terrorist plot and show the world that he is more than the sum of his past.
Feature Thriller For sale 93pp
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The Object of My Infection by David Lambertson
A CDC research technician uses the only tools available to her to stop an abusive husband
Short Drama Available for Free 14pp
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Slush Pile by J.E. Clarke
A lonely boy with Asperger's solves Grand Unified Theory. But can a voice as small as his ever be heard?
Short Sci-Fi Available for Free 10pp
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Dragon Sisters by Nicholas Jordan
Two young sisters in 1970s Tokyo are orphaned and separated, leading to their reunion years later in the sadistic underbelly of the city's red light district.
Feature Action, Thriller For sale 90pp
Mega Con by Kevin Hopgood
The annual Mega Con is a celebration of all things science fiction and fantasy. But beneath the spandex coated exterior lies a world of rampant egos and petty jealousy.
Short Comedy Available for Free 16pp
Miko the Magician by Stuart Cubbon, Jr.
With Grandpa's help, nine-year-old Miko must become a certified magician in order to save the life of her best friend, a fast talking, Brooklyn-born rabbit named Tomo.
Feature Animation, Family For sale 99pp
The Forty-Year Quest by Fausto Lucignani
After forty years, a bipolar-depressive man locates the priest who sexually abused him.
Short Drama Available for Free 7pp
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Oppressive Love by Qazi Fabia Hoq
A woman deals with daily hardship of taking care of sick husband which ultimately weakens their bond and affects them emotionally.
Short Drama, Family For sale 11pp
The Man Who Bore the Myth by Phillip Hardy
J.D. Salinger goes to war, has affairs with attractive teenagers and writes a mega bestseller then escapes his fame by spending increasing amounts of time with characters of his own creation.
Feature Biography, Drama For sale 127pp
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Invasion: EP 1 - Pilot Script by ML De La Garza
Simians from the deep waters of Earth seek to expunge mankind, sending civilization to the brink of extinction.
TV Pilot Action, Adventure, Drama, Family, Sci-Fi For sale 63pp
The Last Ride by Rick Hansberry
Two equestrians use different methods to prepare for the final horse show of the season.
Short Action, Drama For sale 5pp
Infinitia by Buters Gerthfeld
A struggling writer attempts to make a fresh start with his wife but soon becomes trapped in an endless furniture store.
Feature Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 92pp
Blood Crazy by Ed Penney
BLOOD CRAZY Phil’s wife, Rebecca, has just inherited a fortune. Their marriage is on the rocks, so Phil hatches a fiendish plot to kill Rebecca, frame his lover, and get his hands on the money………….
Feature Crime, Drama, Film-Noir, Mystery, Thriller For sale 110pp
Earth's Last Lovers by Garrett Mallory Scott
Terry must traverse cannibals, revolution and the Pit itself if he ever wants to see Otis again.
Feature Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Thriller For sale 133pp
Midnight Never Sleeps by Elizabeth H. Vu
After a stranger purchases one of her paintings, an agoraphobic artist becomes convinced that she is being watched.
Feature Drama, Mystery, Thriller For sale 84pp
Knock/Out by Ben Trebilcook
A woman, distraught from witnessing the murder of her parents as a child, develops her own unique martial art by playing video games. Because of this she finds herself in the world of underground fighting.
Feature Action For sale 94pp
All We Need Is Chill by Aria Ari
Lyv and her best friends Winnie and Jen navigate through the unique struggles that plague today's youth. They're seeking acceptance, but are willing to settle with not caring how others interpret them. .. If only it were that easy.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 32pp