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A self-destructive actress, mired in guilt over the loss of her son, seeks redemption as she grants the wish of a young cancer patient.

SOPHIE COLLINS (9) has had to endure more than any child her age should. After being diagnosed with bone cancer at the age of 2, she struggled through numerous rounds of chemotherapy and was in and out of remission several times. Just when it seemed as though Sophie was cancer free for good, her doctor discovered the most alarming news of all. Sophie had developed an inoperable brain stem tumor.

Through all the treatments, Sophie’s mother, GABRIELLE (26) has been by her side, allowing her faith to provide comfort in times of great despair. As Sophie’s health deteriorates, it becomes increasingly apparent that she is not going to pull through.

Sophie is asked to decide on a wish. It doesn’t take long before she comes to a decision. She wants to meet HALEY REEVES (50s), an award-winning actress who has known great success but alienated herself from Hollywood with a drug and alcohol addiction due to the death of her own daughter at a young age.

Gabrielle doesn’t agree with Sophie’s decision to meet Haley, but does everything in her power to convince Haley to fulfill the wish. Haley’s addiction has turned her into a stubborn, self-destructive lush with a hair-trigger temper. She refuses to see Sophie, no matter how persuasive Gabrielle is.

Desperate and almost out of time, Gabrielle enlists the assistance of Haley’s manager and long-time friend, JUSTICE PRICE (50s). Justice cares deeply for Haley and isn’t about to let her bitterness scare him away. He knows that getting Haley sober and convincing her to visit Sophie could be the tough love she needs to get her life back together.

Haley finally decides to visit Sophie in the hospital, not because she realizes it’s the right thing to do, but because she’s hoping it will get Justice off her back.
Sophie reveals to Haley that she didn’t ask to meet her because she’s a star-struck fan. She is hoping that Haley, who once played a grief counselor on TV, will agree to be there for her mother once she passes.

The more time Haley spends with Sophie, the deeper their bond grows, but the more Haley
struggles within herself to come to grips with the loss of her own daughter years ago. The pain grows within Haley as she begins to allow herself to become attached to the precocious Sophie. However, despite almost succumbing to temptation, she manages to retain her sobriety even in the face of the grim circumstances that lie ahead.

For her part, Gabrielle begins to warm up to Haley too, finding common ground in their mutual grief. As Sophie's life finally comes to a merciful and peaceful end, an enduring friendship is sparked between Gabrielle and Haley as they comfort each other in the aftermath of her passing.

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2018 PAGE quarterfinalist

Submitted: September 12, 2017
Last Updated: June 6, 2019

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The Writer: Kimberly Britt

I am a produced writer that has written 29 feature length screenplays and 4 shorts. I have placed in several contests, most recently a quarterfinalist in the 2012, 2015 and 2016 Nicholl Fellowships, quarterfinalist 2014 ScreenCraft Horror, quarterfinalist 2014 StoryPros, quarterfinalist 2016 and 2018 PAGE, quarterfinalist 2016 Scriptapalooza, finalist 2018 Screencraft Horror, and second rounder 2018 Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition. Go to bio

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