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Elephant In The Room

Why is there an elephant in the motel room? Two housekeepers must find out before the bitch boss discovers it, or lose their jobs.



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Scatterbrain Dixie and glitzy Clarabelle are housekeepers at the Mammoth Fun Vacation Motel, somewhere in Texas. Dixie arrives late, again. Clarabelle calls her out on it and they bicker over Clarabelle's bad mood, which Dixie puts down to Clarabelle's unresolved relationship with her boyfriend, Todd.

Dixie discovers an elephant in Room 101. They try to find out who put it there when the bitch boss, all dressed up like the dog's dinner, arrives for a surprise inspection. Mammoth himself, the owner, is visiting today and bitch boss's promotion depends on the place being spotless.

Dixie and Clarabelle are terrified they'll lose their jobs if the bitch boss finds the elephant. She's about to enter Room 101 when the guest, Todd Carson Welty, shows up. He won't let her inside, so she's forced to start her inspection elsewhere. The two gals follow her down the corridor with their cart. Dixie says Clarabelle is "sweating like a hooker in church," and, "if you're holding out on me, our friendship is over."

It turns out Clarabelle is in cahoots with Todd and let him hide Bernard, his elephant, in Room 101, but they can't keep the secret any longer. Bernard has trashed 101 and Dixie orders Todd to shoo it out of the patio doors. Guests run screaming as Bernard heads for the pool.

Bitch boss is about to call security but Bernard grabs her cell and drops it in the water. She tries to get it back and falls in. Dixie and Clarabelle wade in to get the cell and coax Bernard out. Todd dives in and asks Clarabelle to marry him.

Dixie's hurt because she and Clarabelle have never had secrets between them before. Clarabelle apologizes and they make up. Dixie accepts Todd's invitation to join his new animal stunt hire business.

All sorted, except for furious and soaked bitch boss, who wails, left behind in the pool.

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Marti King Young - Director

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Austin Comedy Short Film Festival Spring 2019, Official Selection.
Houston Comedy Short Film Festival Fall 2019, Official Selection.

Submitted: February 12, 2019
Last Updated: October 14, 2019

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The Writer: Fiona Faith Ross

UPDATED: August 2022 Fiona Faith's work explores themes of family relationships, friendships and misunderstandings in Supernatural Fantasy Comedy/Romance genres. She draws extensively on myth and ancient cultures. Mr Singh's Christmas Spirit won Finalist in Mikel Fair's Austin Comedy Film Festival, Spring 2022 and Roasted landed Semi-Finalist in Killer Shorts, 2022 . Calypso won The Pinnacle Film Awards (LA) May/June 2021 season, for Best Feature Script. Her short screenplay Getting Lucky won the Houston Comedy Film Festival Best Romantic Comedy Short Script in Fall 2020. Her feature screenplays Wereteen and Flat Squirrel won Best Screenplay Awards at The Florida Comedy Film Festival 2018... Go to bio

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