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Pit Stop

A flying saucer carrying a school football team home, makes an unscheduled pit stop on Planet Earth, but their landing spot is not what they think it is.



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A flying saucer speeds across the Solar System. It carries sports coach and twitchy traveller, Alioth, and his exuberant school football team, returning home from winning the county league. Co-Pilot Ymir tells Alioth to get them under control and adds they must stop to check a fault in the hyper-drive. The ship lands in an open-air football ground, but the kids are able to play under the full moon, almost as bright as day. Its magnificence calms Alioth's nerves. The 7-a-side teams draw 1-1 when Ymir announces the hyper-drive is fixed and everyone can board. Alioth heads for the steps with relief, but doesn't imagine in his wildest dreams what happens next.

Context: Paul Hutchinson runs a group called 555 Challenge on FB. He sets a weekly challenge of '5's - 5 elements, 5 pages, 5 days. It's marvellous to practice writing on demand to a deadline. If you were wondering about the strange juxtaposition of elements in my story, this is where it comes from. The only thing I have to change is the mandatory dialogue line, which he takes from a published film and hence is copyrighted. In this challenge, we were set the line, "Why so serious?" (JOKER), and for which I substituted, "Relax."

I suggest making this as an animation in our new Covid19 normal. Besides, filming in the Solar System costs an absolute fortune and you can't get the insurance.

Submitted: June 2, 2020
Last Updated: January 14, 2021

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The Writer: Fiona Faith Ross

UPDATED: April 2022 Fiona Faith's work explores themes of family relationships, friendships and misunderstandings in Supernatural Fantasy Comedy/Romance genres. She draws extensively on myth and ancient cultures. Mr Singh's Christmas Spirit won Finalist in Mikel Fair's Austin Comedy Film Festival, Spring 2022 and Roasted landed Semi-Finalist in Killer Shorts, 2022 . Calypso won The Pinnacle Film Awards (LA) May/June 2021 season, for Best Feature Script. Her short screenplay Getting Lucky won the Houston Comedy Film Festival Best Romantic Comedy Short Script in Fall 2020. Her feature screenplays Wereteen and Flat Squirrel won Best Screenplay Awards at The Florida Comedy Film Festival 2018... Go to bio