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A story by Fiona Faith Ross
A stranded flying squirrel gets mixed up with junk-food obsessed forest animals who annoy the meanest ever junk-food junkie, and prevent him going home.

99-page Animation/Adventure/Family Feature. Think "Over The Hedge" (food issues) meets "The Secret Life of Pets" (disruption).

SETTING: Deciduous woodland cut in half by an insanely busy highway. It could be in New England. Our hero lives in Squirrel Wood on one side, where life's rules are simple, if emotionally challenging. In the forest on the other side, a bunch of damaged animals lurk in a hut to survive the winter, until humans build a new gas station/diner, lead the animals to an obsession with junk food and the dangers of the commercial bakery.

DUGGAN: (Juvenile) Duggan, our hero, is a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed flying squirrel who lost his Ma on the highway when he was small, shaking his confidence, but still, Duggan’s a fighter.
CHARLIE: (Young Teen) A button-eyed gopher, Charlie is Duggan's best buddy and sidekick.
BERYL: (Young Teen) Charlie's resourceful younger sis, always looking for goodies to stuff in her backpack.
GROSS DAISY: (Middle-Aged) Antagonist. Did time in a test-lab, super-sized albino rabbit with a broken heart, meanest-ever donut junkie, who won't tolerate any threat to her supply.

Book Publication Date: 28 June 2018
Credits: Artwork by Fraser J. May.

AWARDS: Hollywood Screenplay Festival, Silver Award, Family Genre, 2018
Florida Comedy Film Festival, Official Selection, 2020.

Please contact me at fionafaithross@gmail.com

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"This script and story is like reading literature. You are a great writer and the narrative is truly exceptional." Philip E. Hardy, multi-award-winning script writer.
"Flat Squirrel should win all the awards." Marti King Young, Producer/Director/Writer

Hollywood Screenplay Contest, 2018, Family Film, Silver Award Winner.
Florida Comedy Film Festival, 2020, Official Selection.

Submitted: November 19, 2017
Last Updated: May 13, 2019
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Last Downloaded: September 6, 2019

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The Writer: Fiona Faith Ross

News: FLAT SQUIRREL the screenplay, is selected for Florida Comedy Film Festival, 2020 and wins the Silver Award, Family Film Category, Hollywood Screenplay Contest, 2018. Woo hoo! FLAT SQUIRREL The Novel, IS OUT!!! You'll find it in Amazon Books, iStore and the Troubador Book Store (Matador Books), paperback. The Ebook is on Kindle, iTunes and all online book stores. I write MG/YA/Coming of Age Animation, and Supernatural Thrillers. So far completed in 2018 , a blockbuster rom-com spec, and a supernatural horror feature. Currently working on FLAT SQUIRREL 2 and supernatural horror sequel. Projects completed in 2017 include FLAT SQUIRREL, Animation feature spec script and novel. In 2016, I... Go to bio

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