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A young man and a young woman battle over the last bottle of vodka. Pride is at stake on both sides, but is there a greater win to be had?

A young man and a young woman fight over the last bottle of cheap vodka in the local convenience store. It gets smashed in the tussle, so it's a lose-lose situation, until they realise romance is in the air, and it's a win-win.

I make this script available free of charge for students or aspiring filmmakers to create and distribute your short film in order to practise your skills, in exchange for giving me due credit as writer. I retain copyright, but you make your film with my permission. Happy shooting!

Challenge: My original draft of this script was written around red wine, entitled SEEING RED. I changed it to vodka. Can you substitute a fashionable drink and craft a snappy title to go with it?

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Clear Win
A young man and a young woman battle over the last bottle of vodka.
Pride is at stake on both sides, but is there a greater win to be had?

Not all romantic stories about opposites attracting can be ‘When Harry Met Sally’ or ‘Pretty Woman’. You don’t always have New York in the fall as a wonderful backdrop or get a knight in shining armor to sweep you off the streets of LA into a new life of lavish gifts and polo matches.

Occasionally, you might just happen to meet someone while you’re off running a mundane errand, such as buying some booze. Even then, your initial chitchat may not be laced with crackling innuendo. Instead, it might be riddled with acerbic aspersions.

But then the unexpected happens; you stumble upon a commonality, a shared belief, an empathetic moment… and everything changes. Love is in the air and the erstwhile adversaries become a future twosome.

Such is the way with Fiona Faith Ross’ lighthearted and romantic tale; ‘Clear Win’. In this instance a  ‘her’ and a ‘him’ find themselves at odds in a convenience store as they aggressively fight for control over the store’s last bottle of cheap vodka.

I saw it first.


Don’t you swear at me. I’ll have you arrested.

For not giving you your own way?

Both dig in their heels. Neither willing to give an inch to the other in an epic battle of ‘who gets to go home and get shitfaced on cheap-ass vodka’.

They each make a rather lame attempt to justify why one of them deserves the bottle over the other. Failing this, ‘Her’ uses her feminine charms to subtly disarm ‘Him’ to the extent he loosens his grip on the bottle. Using the moment to Her advantage, the woman successfully snatches the bottle away from ‘Him’.

But he won’t go that easily into the night. The young man clamps his hand around the bottle again. At this point, the young woman decides she has had enough of the games.

Have it then, jerk.

Instead of wallowing in his victory, ‘Him’ stumbles over ‘Her’s’ shopping basket and lands on the floor with a thud. But not before smashing the prized bottle of vodka. Which inevitably leads to additional bickering over who should now cover the cost of the shattered bottle.

However, as they make their way to the check out, their squabbling segues into a fleeting détente as the truth about why they are at the store, and what they had intended to use the vodka for emerges… eliciting a brief moment of empathy and mutual curiosity between the young ‘Him’ and ‘Her’.

Love often seems to find us in the strangest of places. And not every first exchange will inspire an enchanting Shakespearean sonnet. Sometimes the first words we say to someone is the anthesis of how we’ll eventually feel about them.

Which is why this delightful short screenplay by Fiona Faith Ross is such a playful morsel of flirtatious whimsy. An excellent opportunity for a new filmmaker looking for a simple, yet captivating project in which to showcase their budding creative dexterity.



Review by Jeremy Storey
Submitted: October 30, 2018
Last Updated: October 30, 2018

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The Writer: Fiona Faith Ross

UPDATE: April 2020 Supernatural thriller finished, (with a dash of horror). I was lucky enough to be mentored by Clive Frayne for that one. FADE IN. So, CJ asks... Where your passion lies. Your journey so far. Where you want to go. What makes you special? What you’re working on. It's a kick up the ***. Five times. Got me thinking. Writing a bio is crap, mostly, anyway. I don't think writers should write their own bios. There are PR people to do that, but since this is my own work, I'll try to squash the inner doubt ( why am I even doing this? ) and get a firmer grip on my sanity. 'It's not me, it's you.' I remember the tender age I moved up to Middle School. Even then I suspected the world... Go to bio

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