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When two women compete for the last space in the grocery store car park, the peculiar madness that grips humans behind the wheel escalates into a full territorial battle.

Nurse Brenda has just come off shift. Tired, she wants to grab her groceries and go home, but the store is busy and she cruises past filled parking slots. Then she spots one, but a rich bitch in a fancy saloon cuts in and takes it. Brenda challenges her, but the woman walks smugly off to do her shopping. An irrational stubbornness grips Brenda; she blocks the saloon in. Now the woman challenges her, but Brenda flatly refuses to move, and battle commences.

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The Writer: Fiona Faith Ross

News:  FLAT SQUIRREL the screenplay, wins the Silver Award, Family Film Category, Hollywood Screenplay Contest, 2018. Woo hoo!

FLAT SQUIRREL The Novel, IS OUT!!!  You'll find it in Amazon Books, iStore and the Troubador Book Store (Matador Books), paperback.  The Ebook is on Kindle, iTunes and all online book stores.

I write MG/YA/Coming of Age Fantasy, and Supernatural Thrillers. 

So far completed in 2018,  a blockbuster rom-com spec, and a supernatural horror feature.  Currently working on FLAT SQUIRREL 2 and supernatural horror sequel.

Projects completed in 2017 include FLAT SQUIRREL, Animation feature spec script and novel... Go to bio

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