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A study session for a quiz on a Shakespeare play leads to an unexpected revelation.

Just a quick note from anyone expecting too much from this short:

This is a special script that I wrote upon request from my daughter, who noticed from reading scripts from around the internet that any high school/college students who are interested in filmmaking will be intimidated by the size and scope of even the short films, and won't have either the expertise in camera shots, lighting, sound, etc., or the ability to secure a lot of locations for a shoot.

So she asked: can you write a short film that a first-time filmmaker could make easily? Yes, I said and sat down and wrote this out in a couple of hours. It's a one room location with just two teenage actors, no special effects, and a lot of dialogue for the actors to sink their teeth into.

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The Writer: Gary Howell

I'm an attorney by trade, but a writer at heart. I have written several shorts, and I am currently involved with a feature that I have worked on the past year that is now in development, with an Australian director at the helm. I also have a short film produced, "Country Road 12" that stars Dee Wallace ("E.T.", "Poltergeist").

I have also co-written one dramedy, "The Journeyers", that was just optioned with Josh Monkarsh of Traffic City Productions, and is in development. I have one drama pilot, "Bounty," about a Texas bounty hunter, and a second comedy pilot, "Striking Out," about a struggling L.A. actor who has... Go to bio

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