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The Scheme of Things

When an emergency room doctor is unwittingly cast as the anti-Christ in a celestial war he must choose a side between rival gods before their competing angels of death claim the soul of humanity.



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When an emergency room doctor is unwittingly cast as the anti-Christ in a celestial war, he must choose a side between rival gods before their competing angels of death claim the soul of humanity.

The Scheme of Things is a supernatural thriller feature film.


Paramedics race into an emergency room pushing a gurney with a bleeding teenager on a ventilator. A handsome young doctor, DAVID HAMILL, rushes to the teen’s side. He leads the paramedics into an operating room, then commences to pull the bullets from the teen. David is a real-life hero, a caring doctor.

Just as the teen is pronounced dead David sees the ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, a grim reaper. He guides the teen's spirit away, unaware that David can see him. A nurse looks at him quizzically. David asks if she sees something. He doesn’t trust the vision and thinks he's just tired and upset. David has the sight, and hidden spiritual powers growing within.

Michael reports to LUCIFER, co-creator of the universe, who has become the victim of KALI’s scheme to portray him as the villain in a battle with Abraham’s Jehovah, whom she pretends to be. Michael explains to Lucifer that he believes the anti-Christ has arrived in the form of Dr. David Hamill. Lucifer orders Michael to protect him, but stay removed for now.

Another heavily armored Archangel reaper, GABRIEL, reports to Kali, a beautiful goddess that looks like the Venus De Milo. He tells Kali that he suspects Michael spotted the anti-Christ. Kali calmly says it's time to introduce her own Messiah.

Gabriel goes to AHMED AHMADI in a dream, the young and internationally popular Shah of Iran. When he wakes, Gabriel is still there and explains that it is time to reveal to the world that he is the Messiah. She tells Ahmadi that he will be the fulfillment of the Jewish prophecy and will unify the Middles East, then the world.

As Kali pressures David into unwittingly playing the role of the anti-Christ. Instead, David flies to Peru. Trying to outrun his fate proves pointless. At the MRSA camp, David can barely function at first. The two reapers are everywhere hovering around the dead and dying. The scene is like an ancient leper colony. The tools are substandard, there’s little hygiene and for all intents and purposes these people have been abandoned to die. During an operation Gabriel catches David looking at her out of the corner of his eye.

David meets Lucifer. He shows David the history of the universe and asks David to join him bodily in Hades. David declines. Lucifer respects freedom of will and allows David to return. He also warns him of the war in heaven and of Kali’s attempt to kill him through Gabriel.

David regroups, taking more steps to understand this new world. Back on earth, he asks Michael for advice. Michael has sworn allegiance to Lucifer for all eternity but confides in David that Jesus may help put things in perspective. Jesus Christ has secretly lived among men wherever they are at the height of civilization since his resurrection. David flies to New York City to meet Jesus and get his advice.

Kali unleashes her wrath, manifesting it on earth with Gabriel spurring people on to ever-increasing violence. Kali is bringing about the apocalypse so that she can be the one true God, ridding herself of Lucifer forever.

Submitted: December 24, 2020
Last Updated: January 8, 2022

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The Writer: Curt Sell

Curt Sell is a screenwriter, director, and producer with nearly two decades of entertainment experience. His screenwriting repertoire includes content for film, television, and online. Curt Sell is also a happy husband and father. He holds an honors degree from UC Berkeley and a Master's from Chapman University. Go to bio

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