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The Found Footage by Ben Trebilcook
When filming the hijacking of a cargo ship, a Somali pirate discovers a cine reel and VHS tape which reveal disturbing footage of World War 2 and what Special Forces are ordered to keep hidden.
Feature History For sale 85pp
Pledged by Stacee Myers
Ryleigh Snyder learns the hardship of being independent after she pledges her mother's sorority with her best friend.
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama, Romance For sale 50pp
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Christs by Jasen Heffner
Two boys. One, the actual descendant of Jesus, raised in Vatican city, The other cloned. Both are thrown in the world's spotlight and have to make choices that could lead to the Apocalypse.
TV Pilot Adventure, Drama, Thriller For sale 85pp
The Build by Bradford N. Smith
A young couple cycles through the stages of building IKEA furniture.
Short Comedy Available for Free 12pp
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This Story Is Cool by H. C. Turk
A severe stroke renders a 78 year old man into a vegetative state. Though he seems unresponsive, inside his mind and soul, his life continues. If only he could tell the world.
Feature Drama, Family For sale 115pp
Super Kawaii by Gerald Weir
A generic superhero movie about teenagers coming to terms with their lives, their place in the world and their sexuality.
Feature Drama, Fantasy, Romance Available for Free 165pp
Sale or Swap by Nick Blake
A struggling charity shop has to compete with rivals in a small town in this multi-camera show.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 49pp
Game of Kings - Episode 6 The Pawn by DIANE CAVANAUGH
When the worlds of high finance and high goal polo collide a man of high morals must come to terms with the world that he lives in.
Episode Drama For sale 31pp
Prepare for Arrival by Scott Nelson
A simulation system used to keep the minds of the crew engaged on deep space stasis begins to malfunction, causing one crew man in particular to develop narcosis upon arrival.
Short Sci-Fi For sale 10pp
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Fake Diamonds by Jurij Fedorov
A poor man buys a fake diamond ring to propose to his girlfriend. She decides to go to the store to ask if it's real or not.
Short Thriller Available for Free 7pp
succubus by Dale Gillespie
The evil walks among us!
Short Horror For sale 11pp
A Night Mile by Darren Seeley
Succumbing to peer pressure. a young teen faces against a horror of a prank gone wrong.
Short Horror Available for Free 18pp
COACH MURPHY by Shawn Decker
"A failing professional football team makes a super-fan housewife the head coach, as a short term publicity stunt. Things change when the team starts winning."
TV Pilot Comedy, Drama For sale 34pp
Ana Marie's Inn? by Kyle Williamson
A senior trip to Romania where a guy sees himself in a very old picture with a beautiful girl from centuries passed.
Feature Thriller For sale 200pp
Justice League: Gods and Men by Luis Filipe Araujo
The world's most powerful heroes must let go of their differences and unite to face the destruction of the world.
Feature Action, Adventure, Fantasy Available for Free 143pp
Landscapers by Charles Park
Calvin is hired to work for "Tulips Touch," a delinquent all male landscaping crew that is owned by a domineering female boss. Calvin and Javier are assigned to work on "Pervy Hervy's" lawn.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 30pp
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Colette & Camille by Harker Jones
When a woman is left alone at night, she fears someone attempting to break in.
Short Thriller For sale 6pp
Beacon Calling by Chris Keaton
A group in a post apocalyptic snowscape seek out seeds for their future.
Short Sci-Fi Available for Free 11pp
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One Way Tickets, A Dwight Manning Adventure by John Hunter
A retired combat veteran leads discount heroes on a suicidal rescue attempt in the Caribbean to free his ‘Ugly American’ younger brother.
Feature Action, Adventure, Comedy For sale 99pp
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THE ANGEL by Jordan Tate
A painter in search of inspiration meets a shy woman who becomes his muse
Short Drama, Fantasy, Romance For sale 15pp
A Journey With Destiny by Gene Gwynne
An American odyssey set in the year 1906 of an attempted solo cross-country journey in an automobile.
Feature Action, Adventure, History, Romance, Western For sale 120pp
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Twisted Smile by Anthony Cawood
A lonely old man harbours a midnight dark secret, when a resourceful young girl discovers what he's hidden she must confront him and wipe the smile from his face.
Short Drama, Horror, Thriller For sale 10pp
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Roommettes by Adrian Delatorre
A recently broken up young woman moves in with her friend from college. Their relationship quickly deteriorates when they find they have very opposite personalities.
Short Comedy, Drama Available for Free 37pp
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Revolt 2145 by Genevi Engle
Framed for the President's assassination, Geneva is sent to an execution facility on the sun. To clear her name, Geneva must escape the facility in ten days to avoid her sentence and prove her innocence.
Feature Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi For sale 112pp
Project P.R.O.M by John Serafinko
A teen, watching senior prom plans crumble before his eyes, decides to take matters into his own hands and has a night he will never forget.
Feature Action, Comedy For sale 114pp