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Aunt Karen

A CEO "Karen," who is really named Karen, is forced to take care of her three nieces (who she's never met) after her sister, who she hasn't talked to in twenty years, dies from COVID.



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Karen Cooper is a NYC Martha Stewart-like mogul who’s the CEO of her company named after her. She also is a proud and loud “Karen” who treats everybody like crap and thinks Covid is nothing. Her sister, with whom she hadn’t spoken to in twenty years, dies of COVID. She is forced to go to Connecticut to stay with her three nieces whom she’s never met and about whom she could care less. She takes over for her sister’s beloved artist next door neighbor, Jim, whom she instantly hates. The day after she arrives, she is forced to take her three nieces to the supermarket. Karen refuses to put on a mask. When they go into the supermarket, her niece Beth live streams to the world what’s about to happen. Karen doesn’t disappoint. She becomes belligerent when asked to put on a mask. First, she accosts a supermarket employee, and, then, she decks a security guard and knocks over a display of cans. All the while, she is spouting false claims about her constitutional right not to wear a mask. Finally, the police come, taser her, and take her off to jail. Beth’s video of the whole episode instantly goes viral, and Karen is immediately fired from her own company. A distraught Karen is bailed out of jail by her right hand lady, Misses Beckworth, who’s the only person who stands up to Karen. She moves in with Karen and the kids. Karen is miserable and horrible now that she’s lost her company. She can’t stand her nieces and decides to ask the next door neighbor whom she despises to give the kids art lessons to get them out of her hair. He agrees on the condition that Karen takes lessons, too. She agrees even though she despises the idea. After a few lessons, it becomes apparent that the kids are talented artists like their late mother and that even Karen is good. They decide to start a company to paint COVID masks and sell them. The one catch is that they want to give the profits to COVID charities. This goes against everything Karen believes in but she finally agrees to foot the bill for the whole operation. The company with Karen, Misses Beckworth, Jim, and Karen’s three nieces takes off and makes headlines. She’s losing millions of dollars supporting the business but she’s softening and beginning to love her nieces and Jim, too. After going to court for her supermarket tirade, Karen’s nieces, Jim, and Misses Beckworth testify to the amazing change in Karen. So do the police officers and supermarket employee she accosted. She is given a sentence of community service, which she can fulfill by continuing her mask company which is now giving away millions of masks with a painting of her late sister on them. She’s losing millions of dollars but she’s never been happier. She falls in love with Jim and her nieces whom she adopts as her own kids.

Submitted: December 3, 2021
Last Updated: September 10, 2022

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The Writer: Gregg Fidelibus

Self taught comedy screenplay writer. I've had two offers for my script, Action Star, and one offer for my script, Merry Freaking Christmas. I don't really know what I'm doing but because I have no life, I've spent it watching TV twenty hours a day. So, hopefully, I've learned something through osmosis. I hope you enjoy my scripts! Go to bio

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