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Action Star 2

Actress Lindsay Lacy must team up with frenemy producer Billy Pine to rescue his kidnapped daughter in Sweden.



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Billy Pines’ daughter, Sam, is kidnapped by Europe’s biggest criminal, Lars Johansson as revenge for mostly failed actress, Lindsay Lacy killing Lar’s half-brother, Juan, while saving Billy in Mexico.

Lars now wants the $50 million Billy owed famed Mexican crime boss Hector Cruz, or he will kill Billy’s daughter Sam. Lars lives in a lair in northern Sweden where he’s holding Sam hostage. Lars is so powerful in Europe that he owns many high-ranking police officers and owns all the airports. He tells Billy if he doesn’t wire him $50 million in ten days, he’ll kill Sam. And if he contacts the police or steps foot on a plane in an attempt to rescue Sam, he’ll kill her.

With no other options, Billy must once again turn to his frenemy Lindsay Lacy, who he constantly bickers with, to rescue Sam after they fail to turn Billy’s last $5 million into fifty million at a casino in a last-ditch attempt to repay the gambling debt. Lindsay turns to her friend Crash, a nearly blind stuntman pilot, to fly them to Siberia where Crash has a friend who is both ex-KGB and ex-CIA and will train Lindsay and Billy in a couple days to storm Lars arctic circle compound and rescue Sam.

After a couple of days of training in Siberia Crash flies them over the arctic circle where Lindsay and Billy jump from the plane. It turns out that Crash’s vision was a little off and he dropped them in Finland which is 200 miles from Lars’ compound. They cross country ski till they come upon a cabin where a man named Venal lets them stay the night because he’s a fan of Mexican soap opera that Lyndsay had a part in. The next morning Venal lets them take his snowmobile the rest of the way to Lars’ compound. When they arrive, Lindsay uses her training to overwhelm a couple of outside guards. They blow up the front door and storm the house. Lindsay and Billy shoot two more guards and split up to find Sam. Lindsay takes out another 2 guards and gets Sam.

Lindsay and Sam go look in the basement for Billy and find Lars standing behind Billy with a gun to his head. Lindsay has no shot but remembers while training in Siberia how she accidentally ricocheted a bullet off a barrel and hit the target. So, she decides with no shot to shoot a bullet at nearby pole and the bullet ricochets off the pole whizzing through Billy’s hair and hitting Lars between the ears killing him.

They leave the cellar and go back up to the house where Lars’s wife and stepson thank them for killing Lars. Victorious, Billy, Sam, and Lindsay hop in Crashes’ plane and take off for home. Once home, Billy gives Lindsay the huge contract of a lifetime and action film starring role he promised her if she helped save Sam.

Submitted: April 4, 2022
Last Updated: September 10, 2022

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The Writer: Gregg Fidelibus

Self taught comedy screenplay writer. I've had two offers for my script, Action Star, and one offer for my script, Merry Freaking Christmas. I don't really know what I'm doing but because I have no life, I've spent it watching TV twenty hours a day. So, hopefully, I've learned something through osmosis. I hope you enjoy my scripts! Go to bio

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