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Action Star

An actress on the wrong side of forty is the only one who can save a kidnapped producer, the man who turned her down for the action role she desperately wants.



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Middle aged actress Lindsay Lacy just got rejected by producer Billy Pine for the action role she’s always wanted. Having forgot her phone in his office she goes back to get it later that night. After retrieving her phone, she sees Billy being arrested by two police officers in the parking garage. When Billy notices her, he tells her the officers are his friends and they are all on their way to his costume party. Lindsay figures out they’re bad cops and they are kidnapping Billy because he owes his sports bookie millions of dollars. Lindsay escapes by using her mixed martial arts training and goes to Billy’s house to inform his second wife that he’s been kidnapped. Billy’s wife could not care less about the kidnapping. She only married Billy for his money. Lindsay is about to wash her hands of the situation and leave when Billy’s teenage daughter Sam, from his first wife, begs her to help her find her Dad. Billy calls minutes later to say he’s being held captive in Mexico by Hector Cruz, Mexico’s number one crime lord. Billy tells Lindsay that Hector Cruz is going to kill him if he doesn’t pay him the fifty million dollars he owes him.

Since Billy is broke and the police in Los Angeles and Mexico are under Hector Cruz’s thumb, Lindsay is his only hope of rescue. Lindsay doesn’t want to save him, but his daughter Sam begs her again to rescue him. Lindsay gives in and says yes and reluctantly allows Sam to come with her. The police arrive just as Lindsay and Sam are leaving Billy’s house. Lindsay and Sam narrowly avoid the police and escape to Billy’s remote cabin. They hitch a ride on a plane to Mexico with Lindsay’s old friend and legally blind stunt -man pilot, Crash. In Mexico, they team up with Billy’s old friend Juan Sanchez and they attempt to rescue Billy from Hector Cruz’s compound. They sneak into Hector Cruz’s compound by pretending to be a Mariachi band. Lindsay, Juan, and Sam defeat Hector Cruz and his men. Just when it looks like they have saved Billy, Lindsay sees Juan holding Billy at gunpoint. It turns out that Juan is Mexico’s number two crime lord and used Lindsay and Sam to overthrow Hector. Lindsay pulls her gun on Juan who is holding Billy. She’s hesitant to take the shot because she’s afraid she’ll hit Billy. Billy insults her by telling her this is why he never gives her the action roles she always wants. He tells her Tom Cruise would take the shot. A mad Lindsay shoots Billy in the leg which distracts Juan for the second she needs to shoot him right between the eyes without hitting Billy again. They run from the compound with Hector Cruz’s men and the Mexican police chasing them. Just then Crash lands on Hector Cruz’s private air strip and Lindsay, Sam, and a hobbled Billy hop in the still moving plane that takes them back to the U.S.

Submitted: April 19, 2018
Last Updated: May 23, 2023

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The Writer: Gregg Fidelibus

Self taught comedy screenplay writer. I've had two offers for my script, Action Star, and one offer for my script, Merry Freaking Christmas. I don't really know what I'm doing but because I have no life, I've spent it watching TV twenty hours a day. So, hopefully, I've learned something through osmosis. I hope you enjoy my scripts! Go to bio

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