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In a dystopian world where color is a commodity controlled by the wealthy, the only hope for equality falls on a baseborn miner when he discovers an object that can restore color.



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The BlackList on Colorless:
The dystopian world behind this television series is fascinating right out of the gate. Pitching a distinct, truly original reality where color has become a commodity, this opening episode immediately situates viewers into its central divide between The Grey and the Shining City. Not only will this setting divide be clear visually for an audience, but also it will feel distinctly cinematic. In other words, this pilot takes full advantage of the visual medium of television to communicate to viewers the very conflict of its world - something that shouldn’t be overlooked in the slightest, feeling like a truly original conceit in the television space. The class divide between The Grey and The Shining City are also palpable in these pages, something that goes a long way for the social commentary of this material. The dreary, grayscale nature of the lower classes versus the vibrant, colorful livelihoods of the wealthy establishes a tonal disparity between the two worlds - capturing the different financial circumstances of those on both sides of this show’s social strata in a way that viewers can feel. Theo and Harper’s situation couldn’t be more different, something the rich color scheme of this show clearly communicates to strong results.

BlueCat on Colorless:
This script has incredible world-building. The setup builds fantastic intrigue and the contrast between a dull city and one with too much color creates palpable tension from the start. Overall, the theme of “division is unity” is nicely woven and effectively seeps into every aspect of the story, constantly driving the narrative forward.
This script has beautiful imagery. There are several key moments where exposition and tension are effortlessly revealed.

Submitted: March 14, 2021
Last Updated: September 8, 2021

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The Writer: Tom Kalaj

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