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An aspiring actor wages a vendetta against the inner city gang that raped and beat his girlfriend into a coma before his very eyes.

Frasier and Kailey try their best to be a normal, adorable Caucasian All-American couple, but nobody ever said life would be perfect, especially when Frasier’s journey to achieving his dream of becoming an actor forces them to move into a bad inner city Los Angeles neighborhood apartment due to financial troubles. Kailey’s medical center nursing job isn’t that much more lucrative than Frasier’s warehouse gig, and despite their broken-home-background giving them no one else to turn to for assistance other than Frasier’s longtime friend Justin, the young couple somehow still manages to a keep blessed, positive outlook. They have a roof over their heads, food on their table and good health. And after years of saving up, Frasier now has an engagement ring stuffed away and ready for Kailey’s finger with a best man seat reserved for Justin. But Justin’s life isn’t exactly on the best track, either, associating himself with other less scrupulous “friends” who try to entice him into elevating himself into higher stature by joining an urban gang of thugs and miscreants. Succumbing to social pressure and monetary desperation, Justin reluctantly enrolls in their promising support as his loyalties are put to a trialing test... one that will change Frasier and Kailey’s lives forever. On the night of their anniversary, the couple is tauntingly assaulted by the gang in a darkened alley while walking home lost through the city, and despite an anonymously-ski-masked Justin’s pleas to spare them, the crew of brutally-callous animals sexually force themselves onto Kailey in front of Frasier’s helpless eyes before beating them both within an inch of their lives. Waking up in a hospital bed next to a comatose Kailey, Frasier begins to let anger and burden override his tangled emotions, and when Justin visits and sees for himself just what exactly his neglectful choice and inactions caused, guilt washes over him just as hard. While Frasier recuperates more quickly and is released, Kailey still lies within the confines of a seemingly inescapable slumber, which begins to tear him apart from the inside, and Frasier decides that enough is enough. For too long, too many good, innocent people have suffered at the bloody hands of savage street violence without any solid, lasting resolutions from the authoritative power of the police. So Frasier pulls out his precious engagement ring from hiding and pawns it for a handgun with the sole intention of pulling the trigger at the wicked of the world, going to Justin for his local resources on any and all possible whereabouts of the particular gang that tore his world apart. Placed in a hard moral dilemma, Justin must now weigh his options—Does he come clean with his best friend in order to stop further bloodshed before it happens and risk being disowned due to his recent fearful negligence, or does he give Frasier the leads he needs so he has a cowardly passive way to escape the criminal position he’s regrettably signed himself up for? On top of that, Frasier must also remain wary of an LAPD detective suspicious of his growing vigilantism and tracking each vengeful murder as it happens from Frasier’s hand. But is it all worth it in the name of love, or is Frasier sacrificing a humanistic part of himself that he’ll never be able to reclaim? One way or another, he’ll learn that the only thing more dangerous than a line being broken is the broken man who will cross it.

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The Writer: Dan O'Sullivan

Dan O'Sullivan is an American screenwriter of widely-diverse genre titles with sixty awards and contest placements across nearly thirty different screenplays. His strengths rely on sharp, snappy dialogue and fantastic vision of detail to create engaging, believable, original and memorable stories. In addition, he has self-published four acclaimed books available exclusively at Graduate of the New York Film Academy and Brooklyn College for screenwriting. Go to bio

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