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The Artist

A disheartened artist must persevere through school while defending himself from seemingly random time-traveling assassins.



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2021 Austin Film Festival - Second Round
"genuinely hilarious"

TheBlackList on The Artist:
"This is a very clever premise and an engaging, smart and insightful script that brings some really intriguing 'what if's' to bold and vivid life. All with a page-turner momentum that really works. Like the best of something like Blade Runner, the future is cleverly familiar here, and creates a rich resonance and a colorful world. The storytelling builds with surprises that breathe even more life into what we've seen and what is about to come - which also launch this pilot off exceptionally well to series. Characters are well-drawn, likable and relatable, and the interaction between them sparks with moments of humanity and humor. Dialogue is quick and funny - spare and elegant. Plot and pacing work well and stakes build throughout this clever and funny script with a well-crafted momentum that keeps the pages turning. This well-written pilot could make a great ongoing series for Premium Cable. There's a really unique, fun and joyful spark to the writing here that makes this feel like a fresh and fun take. And a good-heartedness throughout that lifts the comedy even more and feels like something audiences not only need right now but would really respond to."

Submitted: July 17, 2020
Last Updated: July 2, 2022

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The Writer: Tom Kalaj

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