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The true story of Albanian hero George “Skanderbeg” Kastrioti, who must rebel against the Ottoman Empire he once fought for in order to save his people from oppression.



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2021 Austin Film Festival - Second Round

TheBlackList on Skanderbeg:
“Skandenbeg” is a riveting and invigorating war epic, told through a personal, insightful lens, of one extraordinary hero and the complicated life he led that forever changed the tide of history. The scale of the script is fascinating and impressive, because it is able to keep the scope in mind, how the fate of an entire continent is at stake and the course of human history might change, as well as the intimate journey of one conflicted man in every step of his life. The opening grabs our attention immediately. We will see how he rose to such levels of strategy, bravery, and ability to lead, and it is an engaging experience to watch. The conflict is visible on a personal level, as well as the larger effects of the battles they fight, for the people they are, and everyone and everything that comes after. The script casts an interesting and personal light on an important and still beloved historic figure less portrayed on the big screen. For his lasting significance, Skanderbeg could use a cinematic epic, and this script might be worthy to bring it to life.
Rating: 8

BlueCat on Skanderbeg:
It is a great concept and fantastic story to tell. Skanderbeg’s legacy is a fascinating one, and easily has enough meat to it to make for a satisfying story. From start to finish, the script does a good job of showing George from his early beginning to the great man he becomes in his later years. It is not easy to convey a historical figure’s accomplishments in the short span of a feature film, but this script covers all of the bases well. The characters feel well-rounded and smartly written. Each person has a purpose and even the smaller roles feel thought through. The character dynamics are well done also.

Submitted: September 2, 2020
Last Updated: September 9, 2021

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The Writer: Tom Kalaj

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