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Success Stories

People are getting something out of Script Revolution all the time, be it making connections, starting collaborations, or signing deals. Here is a collection of success stories that have been shared by members. If you have a success story you'd like published here and in the Script Revolution newsletter, then you can contact me by clicking here - CJ

Brandi Self 01 Apr 2021

Congratulations to Rockstar Member Brandi Self who has optioned her short script "Mabel", a Drama-Fantasy about a depressed young man who struggles to keep up with his girlfriend who keeps disappearing at the most inopportune times, to Toronto based Vietnamese filmmaker Logan Thai after he found it via Script Revolution. Mabel is already in pre-production and we look forward to seeing the completed film.

David J. Keogh 17 Mar 2021

Congratulations to Rockstar Member David J. Keogh who's horror feature script "Wrathwood" is now going into production. This was David's first horror script which he listed on Script Revolution under the title "Don't Go Outside" before it was spotted by up and coming filmmaker Ammar Agha who loved the effortlessly assembled diverse group of characters and the snappy dialogue. David and Ammar worked together to make improvements and re-named it Wrathwood (something that fits the mythology of the story much better). David says about his experience, "Don't Go Outside was one of my scripts that I...

Nick Brown 16 Mar 2021

Congratulations to Rockstar Member Nick Brown who's optioned his feature script "Five Below" to RedOne Studios. An inventive twist on the superhero genre, you might recognise this sci-fi script from the featured section and front page, demonstrating how gaining favourites over time and investing in a quality poster image can gain valuable additional exposure on the site.

Alexandra Keister 13 Mar 2021

Congratulations to Rockstar Member Alexandra Keister who has sold her script "Nacho Date", a comedic short story about a man who mistakes a suicidal woman for his Tinder date, to Paul Duncan who's currently crowdfunding additional funds and planning to start shooting at the end of the month. This is actually Alexandra's second recent win via Script Revolution after Brian Carlson, who initially inquired about Nacho Date, went on to pick up a different script from her portfolio.

Gary Piazza 29 Jan 2021

Congratulations to Rockstar member Gary Piazza who’s optioned his horror thriller feature “Dig Me No Grave” to Silent D Pictures ltd and Rocket Sky High Motion Pictures ltd in the UK. Shooting under the directorship of Ranjeet S. Marwa, production is planned to begin sometime in April with a crew already assembled.

“Thirty years of highs and lows with more highs and more lows...then bam. Finished this script in August, was a winner of the screenplay competition, then a Script Revolution member happened by the script and noticed its theme fit the needs of a close director friend”...

James Brosnahan 17 Nov 2020

Congratulations to Rockstar member James Brosnahan who describes Script Revolution as a "game changer" for him. James has sold his short script "Look Alive" to Ashley Fordinal who's aim is to produce in time for the BEA Film Festival that is coming up this December and sold his other short script "Kansas Kid" to Dunjey Productions which is planned for production next year.

Glyn Jones 13 Oct 2020

Congratulations to Glyn Jones who's optioned his supernatural western feature "Dead Wrong" to Troy Chadwick, a filmmaker based in Southern California who found the screenplay via Script Revolution after it made it into the Featured Scripts section of the site.

Jerry Robbins 06 Oct 2020

Congratulations to Rockstar Member Jerry Robbins who has optioned his female led winter holiday themed feature "Christmas At Exit 24" to a producer in Los Angeles. This is Jerry's second big success story after selling a horror feature script which was also found via Script Revolution.

John Hunter 30 Sep 2020

After being featured on Shootin' The Shorts, Rockstar Member John Hunter's short script "Companion Shop" was picked up by German director Ivy Jelisavac. I'm delighted to say the short film is now complete and available to view.

Jason K. Allen 25 Sep 2020

Big congratulations to Rockstar Member Jason K. Allen once again who's optioned his short comic fantasy "A Goldfish Contemplates Life" to New York City actor/producer Robert Sebastian Webb. Robert is already putting together cast & crew, and plans to direct the film himself with shooting scheduled for next spring. Also, his comedy script "The Human Kind" has been optioned by Melbourne, Australia-based cinematographer/filmmaker Brad Tereszkun. Brad has already cast the actors and plans to shoot the film this November in Australia.

Mary Goldman 21 Sep 2020

Congratulations to Rockstar Member Mary Goldman who has optioned her short script "Cueball & Ricky" to Kevin Machete. A story about two hit men who run into an unexpected surprise while trying to dispose of a body, production is currently slated for next March.

Rick Hansberry 21 Sep 2020

Well done to Rockstar Member Rick Hansberry who's optioned his short script "10", a story about a man trying to complete his days to-do list against a tight deadline, to Max Giroux. 

Bill Albert 18 Aug 2020

Rockstar member Bill Albert recently received a call from a producer regarding his feature script "Welcome to Nowhere" after only recently joining Script Revolution. Following some changes to the script, it is now being presented to various studios as part of a production company's projects pitch. All the best to Bill. Let's hope this script gets picked up and goes into production. Bill talks a little more about his experience and what he's learned in his Script Revolution blog post you can read here.

Lance Wallick 03 Jun 2020

Congratulations to Rockstar member Lance Wallick who's optioned his feature script "King of the Sea" to Americana Group after it was found on Script Revolution. Based in California with an attitude of "walking to the beat of your own drummer", Lance certainly is a man of many talents and a writer well worth checking out.

J.B. Storey 13 May 2020

Back at November last year, I was delighted to report that Rockstar Member J.B. Storey's 22 page short script "An Angel Whispers" had been optioned and produced by Benco Productions in North Carolina after it was discovered on Script Revolution. I'm delighted to say that the project is now complete, out of post, and ready to watch. It really is a brilliant film with great writing and remarkable production value. You can watch the video here.

Shawn Davis 07 May 2020

Big congratulations to Rockstar member Shawn Davis who's sold his feature script "Reprisal" to Tyne Productions after it was found on Script Revolution. The movie was filmed in South Africa in early this year and is currently in post-production with a release slated for late 2020.

Ville Nummenpää 21 Apr 2020

Ville is back once again with another two Script Revolution success stories. Firstly, his short script "One Violence, Please" was recently filmed in the US and his script "Coma, a Love Story" is now in pre-production in India with the intention to shoot in summer and be acted out in Hindi. While Ville resides in Finland, Script Revolution is helping him share his art worldwide.

CJ Walley 09 Apr 2020

Trea Price, a senior at Radford University and head of the Production 1200 Films team, has produced a short based off a script of CJ Walley's called Cottonmouth, a story about student who’s unwittingly gotten into debt with a drug dealer and goes to their friend for help. Trea found the script via Script Revolution. You can watch the completed short here.

Steve Cross 02 Apr 2020

Another big congratulations to Rockstar member Steve Cross who has optioned his script "Falling" to a producer located in NYC. The script was found on Script Revolution by a friend of hers who passed it on. This is the second success story for Steve in two months.

Jason K. Allen 01 Apr 2020

Following his script "Daggers" being featured on Shootin' The Shorts, Jason K. Allen has optioned it to iWIL Productions based in Australia. This is their second collaboration after the production company previously found and produced "The Seashell" which was also found on Script Revolution, the trailer for which can be found here.

Leslie Davis 31 Mar 2020

Rockstar member Leslie Davis has been able to secure an agent based in LA after his script "Serpentine" was featured on Script Revolution. Having found coverage and competition wins got him nowhere over the past decade, Leslie has a powerful message to pass on to all members - "So here's what I've leaned after ten years of screenwriting and two weeks in the Script Revolution community. Write the best story you can write, trust your own judgement, never give up, but, most importantly, upload your screenplay to Script Revolution. As they say, 'it only takes one yes.'"

Anthony Cooper 25 Mar 2020

A big well done to Rockstar member Anthony Cooper who has recently sold his female centric feature script "Birdz of a Feather". Be sure to check out what else Anthony has available in his portfolio on his Script Revolution page and remember hit that follow button. 

Craig Griffiths 24 Mar 2020

Congratulations to long time member and keen Script Revolution advocate Craig Griffiths who has sold his award winning action sci-fi feature script "The Valley" to a UK producer-director who plans to start shooting later this year. With Craig being based in Australia, it's great to see a Script Revolution deal that's connected two filmmakers on either side of the world.

J. Phillip Wilkins 23 Mar 2020

A big well done to Rockstar member J. Phillip Wilkins who has recently seen his script "Tipsy" made by Dollars And Donuts Productions after it was featured on Shootin' The Shorts. You can watch this great little movie here.

Paul Knauer 10 Mar 2020

It's going to be hard to fit all of Paul Knauer's Script Revolution success stories into one post but here goes. Firstly there are his short scripts "Playing Cars" and "Unreliable Witness" which were picked up last year. Then there's his  6-page action/drama "Sanctuary" which he's recently optioned to Karen Ross of Owl Echo Entertainment and to directed in LA by Garrett Adams. And finaly there's "For Now", my 8-page romantic comedy short, which is now in post after being shot in Dubai by Sikendar Hemani. Huge congratulations to him.