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Success Stories

People are getting something out of Script Revolution all the time, be it making connections, starting collaborations, or signing deals. Here is a collection of success stories that have been shared by members. If you have a success story you'd like published here and in the Script Revolution newsletter, then you can contact me by clicking here - CJ

Elizabeth is one of Script Revolution's earliest members so it's wonderful to see her script make it to the screen. Watch the trailer here. She's also recently been contacted recently about making one of her short scripts.

After reporting a lot of interest on this script via Script Revolution, Craig has signed a deal with a production company based in New York. This was the second deal Craig was offered on this script after being discovered via the site.

Huge congratulations to Anthony Cawood,  Chris Courtney Martin, and Jerry Robbins for optioning scripts that were found on Script Revolution and shoutout to Meg Turner who's portfolio impressed a producer so much they've now been hired (for the first time ever) to write a new feature script.

After reaching the top of the Most Loved Scripts listing on Script Revolution with a massive 37 fans having favourited it and having been featured in the Shootin' The Shorts section of the site, I'm delighted to announce that The Narrator by James Barron has been picked up and produced by Julia Trofimova - CJ

Big congratulations to Wal Friman for attracting the attention of an actor via Script Revolution and who's now writing them a contained horror short.

Well done to Chris Keaton who recently optioned his short script A Boy's Fear to up-and-coming LA based director Samson Ali.

Big congratulations to Jason for optioning his feature script Welcome to Munson Ridge to London based director/producer and Hollywood Black Film Festival winner Dean Charles after it was discovered on Script Revolution.

I mentioned at the end of September that Steve Miles had optioned his script Forever Red via Script Revolution and the filmmakers were crowdfunding some of the budget. I'm pleased to say they've since reached their 80% goal and, while they still need that last 20%, will be able to shoot on 16mm film rather than digital.

It seems success stories are coming in pairs for members as Chris Hicks has optioned his shorts The Meltdown and The Chosen One to Charlie Mason.

Jason K Allen’s short A Most Unfortunate Face has been optioned UK-based director Dean Charles. Plus, his short comedy I Swear Inc. has been picked up by Mockingbird Studio.

Major congrats to Script Revolution member Pete Barry who's currently penning the new Robin Hood Stand-Alone Drama "Marian" for Sony, a project which has now attached Margot Robbie to star. More details can be found in The Hollywood Reporter article here. But, before that, we highly recommend any aspiring filmmakers check out our Shootin' The Shorts feature for his short script "Jam". Well done Pete, you're a shining example of the kind of talent that can be found here.

Shoutout to Chris Keaton, a man with a whole load of short scripts on offer, who's optioned his script A Child Outside. Chris is an Air Force veteran based in Arizona and has recently started expanding his screenwriting into novel writing aswell. Well done, Chris.

Wow – when a great script meets a terrific Director…  sparks and magic simply fly!

Please join Script Revolution in congratulating the heck out of James Barron for his option of Disposal Problems to Director Paul Thompson.  Here’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Paul…

Since 2004, Paul has directed several short films, including Where the Wild Things GoDoe and Quarantine, and music videos for Canadian artists including “Charge!!” for Charge of the Light Brigade, and “Let’s be Friends” for hip-hop artist Infinite. Commercials he’s produced have aired nationally. In addition to...

Shoutout to the amazing Pia Cook who has optioned her script Coulrophobia via Script Revolution. Pia is one of the most supportive, talented, and generally awesome screenwriters I know, who is one of the few out there selling her feature scripts worldwide - just check out her IMDB credits via the link on her profile. I strongly suggest filmmakers hit that follow button to stay updated with her latest work. Pia has given a filmmaking student a non-exclusive option of her script this time round and thus Coulrophobia is still technically on the market for anybody who wants to take it to the next...

A big shoutout to Elizabeth H. Vu who has optioned her script A Call in the Night to Raheel Sharma of Prolive Productions. Raheel contacted Elizabeth via Script Revolution and, after purchasing the rights to her script, plans to start shooting in December. This is wonderful news since Elizabeth was a very early adopter of Script Revolution and has worked hard to get her scripts out there in the public eye.

Please join both Shootin' The Shorts and Script Revolution in congratulating writer James Barron for the double score of optioning shorts Compulsion and Deal of a Lifetime – both in the same week!

The honor of rendering Compulsion goes to Skylar Patternson. (IMDB listing here.)

And Deal of a Lifetime? That’s now in the capable hands of Jamal Curtis Jones (IMDB Listing here.)

And as long as we’re hard at work typing in links… make sure to visit James' Script Revolution profile to see what else the cinematic bard has in store!

Congratulations to Luke Oliver who's optioned his script Table For One to Levi Eddie Aluede and Daniel Modeste via Script Revolution. Well done and all the best with production.